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Natural, Organic& Eco-Friendly Products

Enjoy the many benefits of investing in organic, natural and eco-friendly products for your household, lifestyle and personal care. Susan's Green Marketplace offers products that are nearly universally better for the environment, often use recycled materials and are themselves recyclable. They are typically free of chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and their production methods are environmentally responsible. The personal benefits of using organic, toxin-free health and beauty products are equally great, as you directly consume them or apply them topically to your skin or hair. Natural and organic products are beneficial in other arenas as well. Be sure that the toys you give to your children are toxin-free, particularly if you have a toddler that chews on everything. Ensure that the clothing and household items with which you come into contact are similarly free of toxins. Visit Susan's Green Marketplace, and fill every part of your life with healthy, eco-friendly products.

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