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Help Your Hair Shine With These 7 Tips

It's been said many times that your hair is your crowning glory. And women are not alone in this belief. Men, too, tend to get affected with receding hairline: One look at the plethora of hair regrow products aimed at the male audience and you get the idea.

But more than just an important accessory to an overall desirable appearance, human hair serves a lot of health purposes, foremost of which is to protect the humans’ thick neo-cortex in the brain (where higher thought processes are carried out) from extremes of cold and heat. Not as crucial but also important, the condition of your hair tells the status of your health. (Brittle hair, for example, could signal protein deficiency.)

Whether for bodily ornamentation or for health reasons, we need to keep our hair in excellent condition. Bad hair days may not be as serious as it looks, but for some, having, or lacking, thick gorgeous hair could mean landing a dream job in modelling or being the butt of jokes. So here are some easy things you can do to keep your hair the crowning glory that it is.

Eat Sufficient Proteins

Your hair is made up of keratin, a family of protein that's also found in your nails and skin. Inadequate intake could lead to brittle hair that no amount of hair products could improve. If you live an active lifestyle, eat plenty. If you are vegetarian, look for suitable substitutes in quinoa, nuts, soy, chickpeas and leafy greens.

Supplement With Iron

Iron is important to the health of your hair in not-so-obvious ways. Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein, so if you do not replenish your body's store of iron (especially if you are of menstruating age), your body will have difficulty carrying oxygen to your follicles, and your hair will start to die out.

Invest In Organic/Chemical-Free Hair Products

A lot of hair care products today contain an array of ingredients like parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, and strings of acronyms like SLA (sodium lauryl) that cleanses hair but leaves them dry and prone to damage. Instead, opt for products that gently clean and nourish your hair from the roots without leaving undesirable residue in your hair and in the environment.

Follow Manufacturer's Advice

If the label says leave on the conditioner for five minutes, do not leave it on longer thinking that it will be more effective.

Modify Your Hair Care And Styling Habits

Do not weave your hair too tight, or put it under thermal stress (like flat ironing it when wet) more than once a week. Blow dry hair in low setting, and keep the blower at least 8 inches away from the hair.

Let Your Hair Down

Literally. Braiding your hair too tight, for example, creates tension on the scalp which in turn may cause alopecia or baldness. Your risk of alopecia also increases if your diet lacks protein and iron, as your hair follicles might not be strong enough to withstand the constant pressure on the scalp.

Get Enough Sleep

You may not easily make a connection between lack of sleep and dry hair, but if you think in terms of sleep as the time for the body to produce sebum, which in turn moisturizes your skin and scalp, then you would better understand why you tend to have a bad hair day after a tough time tossing and turning in bed. The more restorative your sleep, the better for your skin and scalp, and overall physical and mental health.


By Susan Taylor | | Beauty |
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