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Good Eco-Friendly Choices You Can Make

Go Organic

If you were to only pick one single change to make in your life, the most important one would be to go organic.. Whether you begin buying your food from a local farmers market, local organic grocery store, or you are using a delivery service, choosing organic food will limit pesticide residue absorbed through your food. It gives you a really good feeling to be buying locally, too...keeping the money in your own community.

Choosing Your Cosmetics

And when it comes to your own personal care products, you can make sure that you only purchase and use authentically organic beauty products. By buying certified organic beauty products, you will know that the majority of the ingredients have been farmed without synthetic pesticides and chemicals and thus limits the residue that our bodies may absorb, since your skin absorbs whatever you place on it. You’ll also feel a sense of pride in knowing that you’re taking great care of the planet! There have been studies conducted that have shown how organically farmed produce can have up to a 30% higher antioxidant level than food and cosmetics containing ingredients that are farmed conventionally. This means you’ll be feeding greater nutrients to your body and skin!

Stop Buying Synthetic Fragrances

Switching from synthetically produced perfumes and scents to a quality aroma from organic and natural essential oils is another good way to direct your life toward achieving a small but beneficial eco-friendly change. Synthetic fragrance, either listed as one ingredient in a cream or other cosmetic product, or as a stand-alone fragrance or perfume can contain hundreds of harmful chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruption has been determined to increase the risk of certain cancers.

Switch To Stainless

Get rid of all your plastic water bottles, and invest in a great water filter. Get yourself a stainless steel container to fill and take with you when you leave the house. Reserve your purchases of plastic water bottles for when you are out and about, but when you’re around the house…go with home-filtered water.
By Susan Taylor | | Going Green |
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