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Susan's Green Marketplace is temporarily closed due to an issue with our payment processor, PayPal. They believe we are selling prescription drugs which we are not.

I've decided to take this opportunity to revamp the site directing the focus of the store to non-perishable natural and organic groceries rather than vitamins and supplements. I hope to keep all the supplements that I currently have but may have to remove many to be in compliance with any credit card processors that will work with me.

Unfortunately, we are not in an environment that is supplement friendly. The banks consider us high risk and put supplement stores in the same category as porn sites, 1-800 chat sites and on-line gambling. The merchant account processors that will accept us typically charge us ridiculous fees.

People who know nothing about supplements are making the decisions on what is good for you and what is not and it's making it more and more difficult to sell and market supplements. Amazon, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and many others restrict what supplements you can sell on their sites, often restricting name brand products that are healthy and safe. PayPal shut my merchant account down over Earth's Bounty Oxy Caps which contains only calcium, sodium and potassium - nothing else!

I don't believe we should be telling you what vitamins and supplements you should or should not be using! We carry only brand name products that are safe and believe it should be your decision on what is good for your body.

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We appreciate your business and your interest in Susan's Green Marketplace and hope to back soon.

Susan Taylor
owner, Susan's Green Marketplace

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