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Wally's Natural Products Plain Paraffin Ear Candles - 2 Candles

Wally's Natural Products

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All-Natural Soy Blend 2 Pack Box
Product Features : Wally's Natural Products Plain Paraffin Ear Candles Directions

- Always have a helper perform the process
- Always use caution around fire
- Use a pie tin or aluminum plate as an ash catcher
- Never burn the candle shorter than 4 inches from the ear
- Let the candle burn; do not blow it out while performing the process
- Cut off the ash when it becomes 1 inch long; let the candle continue burning
- When the candle has burned down to 4 inches, remove the candle and extinguish in water
- Always cover the head and shoulders with a damp towel or flameproof cloth
- The candle should fit snugly and never be forced into the ear canal
- Sitting up in the modern recommended method for ear candling, angling the candle upwards at about a 25 degree angle.
- 2-4 candles can be used per session
- Materials found inside the candle after use may be debris from the burning process
Ingredients: Quality food grade paraffin wax and unbleached cotton muslin. Warnings
- Do not ear candle by yourself!
- Never burn to less than 4" in total length.
- Use the recommended position and angle at all times.

Do not use near wind drafts. To avoid excess smoke indoors, burn directly under an exhaust fan. Open windows create drafts and should be avoided. Ear candling may set off a smoke detector. No more than 4 ear candles per ear are recommended in one session or more than one session in a two week period.

Ingredients : Unbleached Cotton Muslin, Soy Wax, Candelilla Wax,
Size : 2 PK
Pack of : 1

Product Selling Unit : each

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