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Himalayan Institute Neti Mist Sinus Spray - 1 fl oz

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Himalayan Institute Press

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Himalayan Institute Neti Mist Sinus Spray

Neti Mist Sinus Spray is a new 100% all-natural spray uniquely formulated with ingredients to help soothe and decongest your sinuses.

Helps relieve:
- Sinus congestion and pressure
- Cold and allergy symptoms
- Stuffy cold symptoms
- Thick mucus and phlegm

Neti Mist Sinus Spray is:
- Supportive of natural sinus function when disrupted during cold, flu and allergy season
- Helpful in reducing inflammation of mucus membranes
- Effective in keeping sinuses free of pollen, dust, bacteria and other airborne pathogens and irritants
- Isotonic, soothing, decongesting and refreshing
- Non-drying and gently invigorating
- 100% natural, alcohol free
- Benzalkonium Chloride free
- Non-addictive and safe for long term use
- Effective as a pre-neti wash flush to deeply loosen debris and mucus prior to using the neti pot
- Helpful for extending the effects of your nasal irrigation

Suitable for children over 6 with proper adult supervision. For children 6 and under, consult a physician before use.

- Shake well
- Remove cap and safety clip
- Hold with thumb at bottom of bottle and nozzle between fingers
- Prime pump prior to initial use by depressing several times
- Insert tip of nozzle just past the nasal opening (1/8 to 1/4 inch)
- Pump once inside each nostril and gently inhale
- Wait at least 30 seconds or longer before blowing nose
- Use as needed every 2-4 hours
- May be used safely for long periods of time

Active Ingredients: Kali muriaticum 6X (for upper respiratory mucus and congestion)

Inactive Ingredients: Aloe Socotruna, Deionized water, erythritol, essential oils of trangerine and ginger, grapefruit see extract, Polysorbate 20 (vegetable source) and Sodium chloride (USP)

Size: 1 fl oz
Pack of: 1
Product Selling Unit: Each

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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