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Ohco Cold Snap - 16 Caps


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Twenty Herbs to Restore Righteous Chi Herbal Supplement A cold snap is a weather phenomenon producing a sudden change in temperature and important time to strengthen the body's good design.Ingredients : Phragmites (root), forsythia (fruit), Japanese honeysuckle (flower), burdock (fruit), soybean, lophaterium (leaves), balloon flower (root), chinese thoroughwax (root) schizonepeta (herb, flower), pinellia (root), jujube (fruit), scullcap (root), oriental ginseng (root), Chinese mint (leaves), ginger (root), licorice (root), dong quai (root), white peony (root), sichuan lovage (root), and rehmannia (root). Other ingredients include cornstarch and gelatin.Size: 16 CAPPack of: 1Product Selling Unit : Each

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