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Inner Health Sole Pads - 10 Pack

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Inner Health

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Energize Invigorate Refresh No Fillers, Dextrin, Mushrooms, Starches, Shellfish Rejuvenate and Alkalize While You Sleep All Natural Ingredients The wisdom from The Ancient Orient tells us that "Aging Comes From the Feet". Korean foot patches have played a prominent role in natural health for over 500 years. They have been documented in texts by Korean physician Heo Jun (1546-1615 AD). By applying SOLE Pads to the feet and other areas needing attention, one can experience a cleansing action which energize, invigorate and refresh. Gluten Free: YesDairy Free: YesYeast Free: YesWheat Free: YesSize: 10 CTPack of: 1Product Selling Unit : Each

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