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King Bio Homeopathic Children's Cough - 2 fl oz

King Bio Homeopathic

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King Bio Homeopathic Children's Cough

For fast relief from dry, barking, spasmodic, croupy, tickling, mucousy, continuous coughs due to the common cold or inhaled irritants.

- Before initial dose, depress pump spray 4-5 times to prime.
- Hold King Bio's medically metered pump spray right up to your lips very close to mouth and spray one dose under your tongue. The adult dose is two complete pump sprays.
- Doses should be taken orally and held under the tongue for 30 seconds, then swallowed.
- Holding the formula under the tongue provides faster absorption as well as faster results.
- For best results, take doses between meals or at least 10 minutes before or after meals. Allow a minimum of 10 minutes between doses if taking more than one King Bio Natural Medicine.

Warnings: A persistent cough may be a sign of a serious condition. If cough persists for more than one week, tends to reoccur, or is accompanied by fever, rash or persistent headache, consult a health care professional.

Ingredients: Croton, curare, dulcamara, graphites, ignatia, iodum, muriaticum ac, saccharum off, silica. other: essential oil: camomile mixta. flower essences: rosa cal., clematis, zea mays, lonicera cap., dodecatheon hen., lathyrus lat., calochortus tol., achillea mill.

Size: 2 fl oz
Pack of: 1
Product Selling Unit: Each

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